Membership Details at a Glance

  • All members of Topstone Angels must be accredited investors, as defined by law.
  • Individuals must apply using our membership application.
  • There is an annual membership fee.
  • Pitch meetings are to be held ten times per year in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Investment Process

  • Topstone angels sources deals by attending  pitch forums, demo days, angel conferences and our relationships with other groups.
  • Topstone Angels pre-screens companies to present an average of 3 different companies at our meetings.
  • After the presentations, members can indicate their level of interest in a company based on the initial pitch.
  • If there is sufficient interest from members, a due diligence team is formed with a team leader.
  • Due diligence process is completed in a timely fashion.
  • Once due diligence is completed, investors hard circle their commitment and negotiate terms.

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